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  • The President’s Climate Change Executive Order: Wrong Pretense

    The President announced on Tuesday, March 28th at the Environmental Protection Agency his new Executive Order based on protecting 75,000 US coal jobs by threatening over 3 million US clean energy jobs. Some context: According to MorningConsult The order directs officials to review the Environmental Protection Agency regulations on new and existing power plants, withdraw…

  • UPDATE: Perry Confirmed as DOE Secretary

    Update: On March 2, 2017, U.S. Senators confirmed Rick Perry as the new Secretary of Energy of the United States. The vote was 62-37 with nine democratic senators casting "yes" votes.  Source: Energy Efficiency

  • Sustainable Women Series: Building & Powering an Award-Winning Net Zero Energy Home

    Can a home be beautiful, powered entirely by solar energy, use sustainable heating and cooling systems and save it’s owners roughly $3,500 a year? Why, yes it can. Just ask Joanne Coons, who built her award winning, single-family, Net Zero Energy Home in 2010. Sustainable Woman Joanne talks Net Zero standards, efficient appliances and goods,…

  • Sustainable Women Series: 62 Million People (& Counting!) for 100 percent Renewable Energy Cities

    The idea of communities, cities, states, or countries being powered by 100 percent renewable energy used to be perceived as fantasy. Enter the Go 100% Renewable Energy Project, which aims to perpetuate the clean energy movement by creating a revolutionary online platform that showcases real-time 100 percent renewable energy progress. So far, the project has…

  • Sustainable Women Series: Setting a National Net Zero Energy and Green Building Precedent

    Almost ten years ago, Built Green, an environmentally-friendly residential building program of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties, began a project to develop the first net energy townhome complex in the United States. The project was created to revolutionize green housing and prove that green building could be done affordably. Source: Energy Efficiency

  • Sustainable Women Series: Green Innovation in Electrical Design & Perfecting Pizza Delivery

    Care Technology provides technological solutions to the needs of customers through innovations like energy-efficient LED lighting and transportable heat sources that operate without power racks or induction heaters. We spoke to co-founder Belinda Wong about the production of their sustainable offerings and the benefits of green technology. Source: Energy Efficiency

  • Sustainable Women Series: How to Build a 75 Percent Net Zero Community

    What does it take to build a 75 percent net zero community and the “largest Emerald-rated community” in the world? Tabitha Crawford explains how her team combined solar, HVAC, and sustainable building practices to build 250 net zero homes while keeping construction costs at a 3 percent premium. Source: Energy Efficiency

  • Inspiring Young Women To Pursue Careers in Energy

    At last night’s PennWell Awards Ceremony, Kim Greene, a 24-year veteran of the power industry, was named the POWER-GEN 2015 Woman of the Year. Greene began her career as an engineer with Southern Company in 1991 and ascended to leadership roles at Mirant and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), before returning to Southern Company Services in…

  • Off Grid Electric Raises $25M to Help Power a ‘Solar Revolution’ in Africa

    DBL Partners, the same venture capital fund that supported SolarCity for many years, has led the largest venture capital funding for distributed energy in Africa. Off Grid Electric announced today that it raised $25 million in a Series C investment. Off Grid Electric, based in California and Tanzania, is installing solar in over 10,000 homes…

  • DOE Releases Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for Hawaii

    DOE released a final programmatic environmental impact statement for Hawaii to provide federal, state and county governments as well as the public and developers with a reference document for project-specific environmental reviews. Source: Energy Efficiency