Upstream oil and gas company signs PPA for 6.5-MW solar project

Last month Priority Power Management, LLC (Priority Power), an independent energy services provider announced that it has entered into a Solar Development Services Agreement (DSA) with FireBird Energy LLC, an upstream oil and gas company operating numerous properties in the Midland Basin in Texas.

Under the DSA, Priority Power will develop a 6.5-MW solar photovoltaic facility located on 50 acres of FireBird Energy’s land near Odessa, Texas in Ector County. FireBird Energy’s private primary distribution system will serve as the point of interconnection behind the utility meter.

Priority Power will develop, finance, engineer, construct, operate, and maintain the solar facility without upfront cost to FireBird Energy. FireBird Energy will enter into a 10-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the renewable energy produced from the solar facility. The PPA will integrate with all existing and future supply agreements managed by Priority Power.

It is estimated that the project will produce 136M kWh of clean power over the next decade for use by FireBird in its operations.

“Reducing our carbon footprint is key to our environmental stewardship and social responsibility goals,” said Travis F. Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of FireBird Energy. “This agreement illustrates both our commitment to leading the way toward improved sustainability in the upstream sector and Priority Power’s ability to work seamlessly with our team, leveraging their experience, to achieve our objectives.”

“We applaud FireBird Energy for their proactive leadership in striving to produce low-cost energy for our country while reducing their environmental footprint,” said John Bick, Chief Commercial Officer of Priority Power. “Our entire development process was tailored to FireBird’s specific needs and objectives, and will deliver operational savings while reducing their carbon footprint.”

Source: Renewable Energy