Upstate New York’s first utility-scale solar projects set to come online this year

This week developer CS Energy said it is working in partnership with the Goldman Sachs Renewable Power Group (GSRP) and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), to develop and begin construction on a 216-MWdc portfolio of new utility-scale solar projects across New York. The projects are expected to achieve commercial operations by the end of 2021, which the company says would make them the first operational utility-scale solar projects in upstate New York. 

The portfolio consists of the following geographically diverse mix of projects:

  • Darby Solar – 27 MWdc – Capital Region – Easton, NY
  • Branscomb Solar – 27 MWdc – Capital Region – Easton, NY
  • Stillwater Solar* – 27 MWdc – Capital Region – Stillwater, NY
  • Grissom Solar – 27 MWdc – Mohawk Valley – Mohawk, NY
  • Regan Solar – 27 MWdc – Mohawk Valley – Mohawk, NY
  • Pattersonville Solar – 27 MWdc – Mohawk Valley – Pattersonville, NY
  • Janis Solar – 27 MWdc – Southern Tier – Willet, NY
  • Puckett Solar – 27 MWdc – Southern Tier – Greene, NY

* Stillwater Solar was developed by East Light Partners, acquired by GSRP, and is being constructed by CS Energy.

The eight solar projects, developed in close coordination with the local community and regional stakeholders, were awarded contracts by NYSERDA as part of its Renewable Energy Standard Request for Proposals in 2017 and 2018.

The company said the portfolio will support more than 500 jobs. It also represents more than $160 million of private investment and is expected to generate over $80 million in benefits to local communities and regions. These benefits accrue to local landowners, property tax jurisdictions, as well as the local contractors who will provide ongoing operations and maintenance support for the projects.

CS Energy chose to partner with the Goldman Sachs Renewable Power Group to provide the financing and asset management services required to successfully construct, own and operate the projects. Goldman Sachs Renewable Power Group is deeply committed to renewable energy, and currently owns and operates more than 2.3 GW of clean power across the country.

“The GSAM Renewable Power Group is excited that The State of New York has demonstrated such decisive leadership with the Clean Energy Standard, which is critical for renewable energy project development and capital formation in New York,” said Michael Conti, Vice President of GSAM Renewable Power Group. 

Doreen M. Harris, President and CEO, NYSERDA said, “The commencement of construction of this utility-scale solar portfolio is a major milestone for NYSERDA’s Large-Scale Renewables Program and represents the significant progress we are making together to get the state’s pipeline of projects built in 2021.”

“National Grid is proud of our long history of working with our customers, elected leaders, NYSERDA and renewable energy developers like CS Energy and Goldman Sachs Renewable Power to ensure we are doing all we can to deliver clean energy to New York’s homes and businesses,” said Rudy Wynter, President of National Grid NY. “For us, it’s an opportunity to invest in the next generation of energy infrastructure, advance our mutual clean energy goals, ensure a safe reliable, affordable energy delivery system and – importantly – it’s an opportunity to leave things a bit better than we found them for the next generation.”

Source: Renewable Energy