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    Source: Renewable Energy

  • Why a Small Alberta Oil and Gas Town is Pursuing Geothermal Power

    Like many towns across Alberta, the landscape around Hinton is a pincushion of oil wells. At the bottom of some of the deeper wells, temperatures can reach upwards of 120 degrees Celsius, and that geothermal heat could be about to spur the town on to its next energy windfall. Source: Renewable Energy

  • College in Maui Reaches for Net-Zero Status with Solar Plus Storage

    The University of Hawai’i Maui College says it will be capable of generating 100 percent of its energy from on-site solar PV systems coupled with battery storage next year. The effort is part of a goal for the 10-campus UH system to be net-zero by 2035. Source: Renewable Energy

  • 20K Solar Kits Headed to Africa for Off-Grid Power Support

    Orange SA plans to distribute as many as 20,000 solar kits in four African countries in partnership with U.K.-based renewable-energy firm BBOXX as an increasing number of companies seek to roll out off-grid solar power on the continent. Source: Renewable Energy

  • Operators of 10-MW Namewaminikan Waterpower Project in Canada fined for violations

    Namewaminikan Hydro Inc. (NHI), owner of the 10-MW Namewaminikan Waterpower Project (NWP) near Thunder Bay in Geraldton, Ontario, Canada, pleaded guilty on March 27 in two separate matters resulting in fines of $187,500. Source: Renewable Energy

  • How California Taught China to Sell Electric Cars

    California wants 5 million emission-free cars on the road by 2030. China, with a far larger population, wants 7 million electric vehicles by 2025. California has a cap-and-trade program to limit emissions from power plants, factories and fuel suppliers. China is launching a cap-and-trade system to lower fuel consumption and cut reliance on oil imports.   Source: Renewable…

  • Installer: New Solar Projects May Soon Include Storage “By Default”

    On Tuesday March 26, Lockheed Martin and Cypress Creek Renewables announced that they commissioned 12 MWh of Lockheed Martin’s GridStar lithium energy storage systems for 12 solar-plus-storage projects. The solar-plus-storage system will provide clean electricity to communities served by Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) in southeastern North Carolina.   Source: Renewable Energy

  • Deepwater’s Offshore Wind Plans Could Revolutionize Mass. Workforce and Offshore Wind Industry

    On Tuesday, March 27, Deepwater Wind announced that it plans to assemble the wind turbine foundations for its “Revolution Wind,” a 400-MW offshore wind farm, on the south coast of Massachusetts. Assembly activities will include welding, painting, commissioning and related work for the 1,500-ton steel foundations supporting the turbine tower.     Source: Renewable Energy

  • US 2018 Budget and Climate Finance: It's Bad, but Not As Bad As You Might Think

    Last year, we looked at the extreme cuts to international climate financethe Trump administration put forward in their fiscal year 2018 budget proposal. Based on Trump’s announcements, one might assume that U.S. climate finance has fallen to zero. Source: Renewable Energy

  • Lithium Sector Surge Is Poised to Ignite New Deals

    The tripling in lithium prices over three years is poised to fuel a multi-billion dollar rush of deals as major players jostle for dominance to supply the metal needed for the electric vehicle battery revolution. Source: Renewable Energy