SuperGreen Energy Meets with Kandi Electric Car

SINGAPORE – June 6, 2018 – Mr. Chu Chun Fung Everest (Business Development Officer of SuperGreen Energy) Reporting from Hangzhou, China, Headquarters of Kandi Electric Car.

This was a 2 days meeting with the highest levels of Kandi Car Electric executives including Chairman of the Board, Mr. Hu Xiaoming and Chief of the Laboratory, Mr. Che. This meeting did not start very well with Kandi Electric Car expressing disbelief in the SuperGreen Technology because it seemingly violates the principle of conservation of energy. However, Mr. Chu Chun Fung Everest valiantly defended the intellectual property of SuperGreen Energy and convinced Kandi’s executives to be open to new technology that can revolutionize the world. A compromise was struck!

Both companies agreed to test their respective technologies and to provide data for one another. Kandi Electric Car has graciously provided SuperGreen with the internal specifications of their E17, their latest technology for their last EV. Kandi Electric Car also offered to support SuperGreen Energy with full access to their state-of-the-art laboratory to prove its technology.

SuperGreen Energy’s CEO/Founder, Mr. Calvin Cao, is poised and confident that his technology will be proven. He thanks Kandi Electric Car, “We want to wholeheartedly thanks Mr. Hu Xiaoming and Mr. Che for their support and collaboration. We look forward to deliver results even above your expectations.”

SUPERGREEN ENERGY’S is proud to bring the world’s first ever Self-Charging Renewable Energy Platform that produces clean, 100% renewable and sustainable electricity, utilizing innovative and industry-disruptive technologies. The self-charging energy platform generates power at up to an amazing 99% efficiency, which is unheard of in the renewable energy sector. This is light years beyond the current standards of 20% and 40% efficiency ratings for solar and wind turbine respectively. Our cuttingedge technology is safe, reliable, cost effective and easily scalable to meet the global needs of today’s ever-changing energy landscape. Power solutions range from Kilowatts to Gigawatts and have useful applications for both deployable energy generation at the grid level as well as into electric vehicles.