SNRG and Australian start-up expand UK microgrid market

UK microgrids developer SNRG has partnered with Australian decentralized energy systems management firm Gridcognition to electrify residential households in the UK.

Centrica-backed SNRG will leverage Gridcognition’s technologies to design microgrid projects and assess the value of decentralized systems including solar, battery storage, energy flexibility, and electric vehicles on resilient energy systems and the energy transition.

In so doing, SNRG seeks to improve consumer participation in the energy transition and accelerate the UK’s transition to smart energy systems in response to climate targets.

Gridcognition platform

Dan Nicholls, Managing Director of SNRG SmartGrids, said the collaboration goals include “reducing cost, complexity and carbon for all, and the more accurately we can plan and design these projects to deliver that, the better.”

He said partnering with the Australian startup will enable SNRG to “quickly and accurately simulate multiple complex objectives and parameters to identify the optimal technical and operational strategy for our projects.”

The partnership comes at a time when the UK government is expected to mandate EV charging systems for new housing units and ban gas boilers and internal combustion vehicle sales by 2030.

Gridcognition is using an AUS $998,000 (US$721,314) grant that the company secured from the Australian government to expand operations globally.

Pete Tickler, Co-founder of Gridcognition, said: “Australia is a great testing ground for the future of energy – operating a wholesale energy market on the east coast, and a capacity market on the west, so is the perfect place to learn what works and then apply those learnings to the UK market.”

Gridcognition and SNRG plan to implement their first projects in 2022.

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Source: Renewable Energy