SuperGreen Energy Signs MOU with Prince of Saudi Arabia to Obtain Funding From Saudi Vision 2030 Plan

February 10, 2019

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Prince Sultan bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has signed a memoradum of understanding (MOU) with SuperGreen Energy (SGE) to recognize SGE as a major project in the Saudi Vision 2030 plan in transition to alternative energy and to specifically obtain funding from the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of $200 Billion USD to develop the Renewable Energy power plant for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The MOU discusses objectives from both parties including SGE providing the technology for Saudi Arabia to build and develop the 200 Gigawatts of power plant of Renewable Energy in transition to alternative energy. Saudi Arabia has maintained that it desires to have the licensing rights to provide renewable energy to not only the Middle East but also all of Africa and parts of Asia.



At the signing ceremony, the His Royal Highness was present with SGE’s Vice President of International Business Development, Mr. Javier Perez, as well as the Prince’s international lawyer Mr. Meteb bin Saqr Arifi. Mr. Arifi denoted that SGE’s technology will most likely lead Saudi Arabia away from its reliance upon fossil fuels which is the main focus of the Saudi Vision 2030 plan.

SuperGreen Energy’s CEO/Founder, Mr. Calvin Cao, stated “I want to personally thank His Royal Highness and the SGE team for their efforts in this monumental and historic agreement. I cannot fully express myself in words the pride and humility that I feel at this time.”

SUPERGREEN ENERGY’S is proud to bring the world’s first ever Self-Charging Renewable Energy Platform that produces clean, 100% renewable and sustainable electricity, utilizing innovative and industry-disruptive technologies. The self-charging energy platform generates power at up to an amazing 99% efficiency, which is unheard of in the renewable energy sector. This is light years beyond the current standards of 20% and 40% efficiency ratings for solar and wind turbine respectively. Our cutting-edge technology is safe, reliable, cost effective and easily scalable to meet the global needs of today’s ever-changing energy landscape. Power solutions range from Kilowatts to Gigawatts and have useful applications for both deployable energy generation at the grid level as well as into electric vehicles.