Evolugen and Gazifère announce hydrogen injection projects to be powered by hydro

Evolugen, the Canadian operating business of Brookfield Renewable, and Gazifère Inc., an Enbridge company, announced a green hydrogen project for injection into a natural gas distribution network in Quebec, Canada, to be powered by hydro.

The Quebec-based companies, as part of a collaboration formed to advance the development and use of green hydrogen, announced plans to build and operate an about 20-MW water electrolysis hydrogen production plant in the Outaouais region. The facility will result in significant reductions of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and generate considerable benefits regionally, provincially and nationally, a press release said.

The plant will be built in the Masson sector of the City of Gatineau, adjacent to Evolugen’s hydroelectric facilities, which will power the electrolyzer. An estimated capacity of about 425,000 GJ of green hydrogen will be produced for injection into Gazifère’s natural gas distribution network, making this the first project of its kind in Canada.

The project will remove about 15,000 metric tons in GHG emissions per year, in addition to generating significant local economic benefits, including new jobs and additional property tax revenue.

This project represents the first phase in the creation of a regional green economy ecosystem centered around the production, distribution and use of green hydrogen. With support from the municipal, provincial and federal governments, Evolugen and Gazifère are well-positioned to leverage numerous strategic assets, including access to natural resources and the expertise of the local workforce.

“As an experienced renewable energy generation developer, owner and operator, Evolugen sees green hydrogen as a natural progression and fit in its portfolio of clean energy solutions. This project aligns with and furthers Evolugen’s objectives to put its capital, expertise and resources to work to support governments, businesses and communities in reaching their energy transition and decarbonization goals,” said Josée Guibord, Evolugen chief executive officer.

“Green hydrogen can play a major role in Quebec’s energy transition by offering a sustainable, low-carbon energy solution. With the production, transportation and distribution of green hydrogen, Gazifère has the ambition to provide its customers with an increasingly diversified portfolio of renewable natural gas options. This is another important example of Enbridge’s multi-market approach to green the natural gas grid while continuing to meet the demand for safe, reliable and affordable energy,” said Cynthia Hansen, executive vice president and president, gas distribution and storage, Enbridge.

Evolugen owns and operates 61 renewable energy facilities in Canada — including 33 hydroelectric facilities, four wind farms, and 24 solar sites — with a total installed capacity of 1,912 MW.

Gazifère is a private corporation employing 110 people. Established in the Outaouais region since 1959, it is one of two distributors of natural gas in Quebec. The company serves more than 43,500 residential, commercial, institutional and industrial customers and owns and operates a 1,000-km gas supply system. Gazifère holds a franchise for the Outaouais region and supplies the city of Gatineau as well as the municipality of Chelsea.

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