Eureden and Primeo Energie sign small hydro PPA in France

A hydroelectric power purchase agreement (PPA) has been signed between Primeo Energie France, Eureden and aventron.

Primeo Energie France is committed to supplying Eureden with electricity production from two small hydroelectric facilities operated by the aventron group through its French subsidiary Birseck Hydro, from 2023 to 2025. The plants are the 5.2-MW Oche power station in Hautes-Alpes and the 4.5-MW Trébas power station in the Tarn.

Primeo Energie France will deliver to the Eureden group enough to provide the equivalent of 10% of its annual electricity consumption in France.

“This partnership is part of Eureden’s desire to reduce its environmental impact. By entering into this contract with Primeo Energie, we are acting in line with our objectives of decarbonizing our energy mix,” said Cédric Martin, energy and general costs lead buyer at Eureden.

“This partnership highlights the green electricity produced by our power plants,” said Anne Pénalba, managing director of Birseck Hydro.

The Breton cooperative group Eureden brings together 20,000 farmer-cooperators and 9,000 employees around a common ambition: good food for all, with the constant concern to meet the expectations of consumers and society. The group has more than 60 industrial sites and 300 stores.

Primeo Energie France offers its customers not only green energy but also structured market access solutions to support them in a competitive and sustainable supply policy.

aventron is a green energy producer based in Switzerland. The company acquires and operates photovoltaic solar power plants, wind farms and small hydropower plants in Switzerland and certain European countries. The group operates a portfolio of green electricity production assets with a total installed capacity of 600 MW.

Source: Renewable Energy