ENGIE restructures with four business units and a technical service arm

To ensure greater simplicity in the way the multinational energy company is managed, ENGIE has rearranged its organizational structure with the establishment of four energy business units and a technical services arm.

The new organizational structure, which came into effect on 1 July 2021, will help ENGIE increase its focus on core businesses to better operational performance, a statement from the group’s COO Catherine MacGregor states.

MacGregor says the new structure will help the company better its global position in the energy transition.

The new structure comprises:

  • 4 Global Business Units: Renewables, Energy Solutions, Networks, Thermal & Supply. The units reflect the Group’s core businesses and will have accountability for their respective financial performance.
  • A geographical platform structured with regional hubs for pooling the support functions, coordinating the entities at country level, in charge of managing Group’s local stakeholders and leveraging synergies across activities.
  • Technical services arm EQUANS which operate as an autonomous entity within ENGIE, managed by its CEO Jérôme Stubler and his management team. With 74,000 employees in 17 countries and an annual revenue of over €12 billion, EQUANS will provide multi-technical services in growing markets. The arm aims to help ENGIE clients to speed up their energy, industrial and digital transformations by providing services in the Electrical, HVAC, Cooling, Mechanical, Digital & IT, Facility management sectors.

Catherine MacGregor, ENGIE CEO, said: “Today marks an important step forward in the implementation of our strategic roadmap. We are very proud to announce the creation of EQUANS, an autonomous entity within ENGIE, known in recent months under the project name “Bright”. We are on track to deliver on our simplification plan through the positioning of EQUANS as a leader in multi-technical services and reaffirmming ENGIE as a leader in the energy transition, refocused on its growth markets and with a more industrial approach.”

Jérôme Stubler, EQUANS CEO, added: “I would like to acknowledge the incredible work which has been accomplished during the last 6 months to create EQUANS.”

Source: Renewable Energy