Broad Reach Power adding 1,000 MW energy storage to Texas grid

Broad Reach Power is on a battery buying spree.

The Houston-based independent power producer – owner of 13 gigawatts of utility-scale solar and solar projects across four states – entered into an agreement with Sungrow Power Supply Co. to purchase 1,000 MW/1,200 MWh of energy storage technology to build out six standalone battery storage projects in Texas.

Doug Moorehead, Broad Reach Power’s managing partner and chief technology officer, said the order is one of the largest ever for the energy storage industry.

“Broad Reach is committed to investing in and developing energy infrastructure to help support the grid in key markets such as Texas,” Moorehead said. “Broad Reach’s energy storage projects, connected at both distribution voltages and high voltage transmission, are critical in the further growth of solar and wind renewable generation in the US as well as the resiliency and reliability that US grid operators will increasingly demand in the future.”

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Despite ERCOT lacking a market for storage capacity, Moorehead sees incredible growth opportunities for battery storage in the region. But he said a market for storage capacity would encourage a more rapid shift toward renewable sources.

“I do think ERCOT is going to be the first one to be 100% renewable resources and it’s going to be for some energy storage capacities that are going to get it there,” he said.

Currently, wind and solar make up about 28% of generating capacity in ERCOT.

Broad Reach Power owns 13 gigawatts of utility-scale solar and energy storage power projects in Montana, California, Wyoming, Utah, and Texas.

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Source: Renewable Energy