20-MW, 80-MWh Santa Ana battery storage project operational in California

Calpine and GE Renewable Energy this month announced completion of a 80-MWh standalone battery storage system in southern California.

The Santa Ana Storage Project, which uses GE’s Reservoir energy storage technology, entered into commercial operation. The 20-MW, 80-MWh capacity is supported by a 20-year Resource Adequacy Power Purchase Agreement.

Calpine, which traditionally has been a natural gas power plant and geothermal developer, considers the Santa Ana project as a major step forward in its plans to grow the company’s energy storage footprint.

“It is critical that consumers have affordable, reliable electricity as we work to integrate more renewable energy sources into the U.S. power supply,” said Alex Makler, Senior Vice President of Calpine’s West Region. “Calpine already operates the world’s largest geothermal facility in California, and this cutting-edge battery storage project represents another major investment in meeting the clean energy demands of an increasingly electrified world. We are proud to work with GE and the community of Santa Ana to showcase the very latest in energy storage solutions.”

California is accelerating its energy storage capacity as it needs grid support for a dramatic growth in intermittent renewable energy such as solar. The state’s near-term target is getting 60 percent of its electric power from renewables by 2030.

“The energy storage system provides targeted local capacity to enhance grid reliability during peak periods,” added Mike Bowman, Renewable Hybrids Chief Technology Officer for GE Renewable Energy. “And, as fast-acting stabilization devices, the battery energy storage systems can charge and discharge rapidly to regulate frequency and contribute to grid stability, helping to balance and facilitate the ever-growing penetration of variable renewable energy.

Source: Renewable Energy