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  • Why High-Efficiency Solar is Perfect for New England

    Steve Rorem lives in Gardner, Massachusetts and heats his house with a heat pump. While a very efficient technology, heat pumps are electricity hogs. That’s why when Rorem started investigating solar and learned how much savings he could realize on his high electric bill, the decision to go solar was an easy one to make.…

  • New Jersey Moves on 1.1-GW Offshore Wind Solicitation

    Following on an executive order issued by Gov. Phil Murphy in late January, New Jersey regulators this week approved an order to begin moving the state toward an initial solicitation of 1.1 GW of offshore wind energy. Source: Renewable Energy

  • Coal Stacks Felled to Make Way for Solar in Ontario

    Ontario Power Generation (OPG) this week said it demolished the smoke stacks of the former coal-fired generating station in Nanticoke, Ontario, to make way for the Nanticoke solar project.   Source: Renewable Energy

  • ICO Launches for Cryptomining Fueled by Geothermal, Wind, Hydro

    A cryptomining firm this week launched an initial coin offering (ICO) that will support mining operations it says will run exclusively on geothermal, wind and hydropower resources. Source: Renewable Energy

  • Could a 12-MW Wind Turbine Save GE?

    It’s no secret that GE has been struggling lately. The stock price has plunged and rumors abound that the company might be broken into different segments. If that’s true then at least one segment, renewables, is garnering a lot attention. On March 1, 2018, the company announced it would be making a $400 million investment…

  • A Pathway to Zero Energy Schools

    Spring break is almost upon us and students are getting ready for some time away from reading, writing, and mid-terms. While students are hoping to return to high-scores, others may be returning to low scores – even zero. Zero energy buildings, that is. Source: Renewable Energy

  • Microsoft Taps Singapore Rooftops to Power Datacenters with Solar

    Microsoft Corp. today said it will buy the output of a 60-MWp portfolio of rooftop solar installations in Singapore to power its datacenters. Source: Renewable Energy

  • Another US Solar Company Seeks Exemption From Trump's Tariff

    Enphase Energy Inc. doesn’t make solar panels, but it’s still seeking an exemption from tariffs imposed by President Donald Trump. Source: Renewable Energy

  • GE Makes Way for 12-MW Haliade-X for Offshore Wind

    GE Renewable Energy yesterday said that it will invest about $400 million through 2021 for development and deployment of the 12-MW Haliade-X, direct-drive offshore wind turbine. Source: Renewable Energy

  • Jamaican Utility Invests in Flywheel-Battery Hybrid Storage System

    Jamaica Public Service Ltd yesterday said that it is investing US$21.6 million in a hybrid energy storage solution to support grid stability. Source: Renewable Energy

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